Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards can be a great incentive to apply for a new card. There are so many different programs out there, you’re sure to find at least a few credit card offers that fit your needs.

Cash back rewards are among the most popular. Who doesn’t like cash? These cards pay a certain percentage for each dollar spent. Most will pay 1% for every dollar on certain types of purchases. However, some pay up to 5% back for each dollar spent on gas, travel and restaurants. This can really add up if you travel regularly. And even if you don’t, you still buy gas and probably eat at restaurants so why not get a card that rewards you for that?

Some of the best ones out there right now are:

They offer comparatively high rewards and have no annual fee.

Other credit card rewards are for things such as merchandise, gift cards, groceries or gas. Instead of cash back, you earn points with these cards. Like the cash back cards, these usually offer 1 point for each dollar spent toward eligible items. Some offer more points (up to 5) on dollars spent at gas stations, major grocery stores and drug stores. Each card is a little different so review your spending habits to choose a card that will reward you the best.

Some of the most popular cards right now are:

They all have excellent reputations and are consumer favorites. Just be sure to check for hidden charges before applying.

Some cards offer points that can be applied toward travel. Again if you travel regularly, these points can really come in handy and add up quickly. These points can be applied toward vacations since you earn points on purchases of everyday items such as gas and groceries. When you rack up enough points, take a nice vacation. You can use your card to book it and earn even more points. You’ll usually receive one point per dollar on most purchases but can earn more on purchases made at certain types of stores.

Some really good travel rewards cards are:

A lot of the travel rewards cards do charge an annual fee so watch out for that.

It’s important to read and understand all the details about how a credit card rewards program works before applying. Some things to watch out for are:

  • Do they charge annual fees and if so how much?
  • Is there a limit on how many points or cash back you can earn?
  • Do the rewards expire and if so when?
  • Do you automatically receive your rewards or do you have to redeem them?
  • Can you redeem your rewards in increments or do they have to be taken all at once?

Also keep in mind that often rewards cards have a higher interest rate than other cards. These work beautifully if you plan to pay off the balance at the end of each month. However, if you carry a balance over from month to month the rewards may not be worth the higher interest you’ll be paying.

Before applying for one of these cards evaluate your spending habits, look at your needs and determine which type of rewards would benefit you and enhance your lifestyle the most. Credit card rewards can be very beneficial if you match your likes and needs with a card that offers these. If you are responsible with your spending and find a card that’s a good match for you, you can’t lose.

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