Tangible Goods and Gold Investment

Investing in tangible goods like silver and gold investments are another way to prepare for retirement. And while you can make money in a variety of ways, precious metals are usually one of the safest bets.

Gold prices and other precious metal values are easy to check. They are also relatively easy to acquire. You have several options when it comes to silver and gold investments.

  • Direct Ownership – Meaning you literally own gold coins or bullion. It’s tangible. Since they’re a physical asset, you should insist on an independent appraisal before making a purchase.
  • Gold Exchange-Traded Funds – These EFTs are mutual funds that are traded like any other. However, these funds hold gold bullion as their only asset. They’re much easier to trade and offer another avenue for investment.
  • Gold Mutual Funds – These are mutual funds that own stock in well-established gold mining companies that have a proven track record of producing a set amount of gold each year.

    These funds hold senior gold stock. This means the companies they invest in are large and well-funded. You can except to pay more for these funds because they are a safer investment.

  • Junior Gold Stocks – These stocks are considerably more risky. They are not with well-established gold mining companies but rather newer unproven companies.

    This type of investment is geared toward the investor with a higher risk tolerance. And while they offer a greater risk of loss, they also have the potential for huge returns should the company strike it rich.

Be aware that investment in precious metals is not a “get-rich-quick” scenario. Unless you get extremely lucky, it takes time to realize a profit since you will most likely buy at retail and sell at wholesale prices. But there is definitely money to be made in precious metals.

Antiques and art provide other ways of investing in tangible goods. However, this type of investing often takes specialized knowledge, experience, connections and patience. If you enjoy collecting art or antiques, by all means do so.

However, if you have to ask whether or not you have the knowledge or experience it takes to successfully invest in them, you probably don’t. If you’re truly interested in investing in these types of items, find someone who’s already success at it and learn as much as you from them.

If not, you’re better off steering clear of these investments. Instead, focus your energy on something you know well or take a serious look at silver or gold investments. The learning curve is much lower with these and the opportunity for a higher return is definitely there.

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